This is what happens when you say “treat” at the doggie daycare


Mads Mikkelsen by Fabrice Dall’Anese [large]

Did you take any cooking lessons for Hannibal? 
Mads: I did take cooking lessons with a wonderful woman. She’s Japanese, she’s called Janice, she’s the one that’s preparing all the food. She’s fantastic. She has a supervisor in Spain that is preparing all the food on paper, but she’s actually doing it.
 She was the very first person I met when I came to the show, and she’s a little like Buffalo Bill. In the sense that she’s fantastic and enigmatic, but I went into her house and there was chicken bones hanging on wire and thingies and drums. And she was about to teach me how to cook.
 She taught me how to hold a knife. She’s the one cooking, she’s the one telling me how to slice and chop, and how to look cool when I do it. But eventually I’m eating her food, I had cooking lessons, but I am a terrible cook. [x]



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Hannibal Lecter wearing that one outfit in Potage